STC SF Chapter is hosting a Writing Tournament
Monday, 01 October 2012

As previously mentioned, the SF Chapter will be hosting a writing contest for the first time this winter. Free meeting coupons or gift cards will be awarded as prizes to top entrants. Winners will be announced in our Chapter newsletter.

It's free to enter and you don't need to be a SF chapter member to enter. I hope you take this opportunity to participant!

If you have any questions, please email


Submit one of the following:

- Poem about the art of technical writing

- Short story featuring a technical writer as the main character

- Presentation slides on a technical communication topic

- Re write of instructions (submit both the original instructions and your corrected version)

- Essay on "How I used what I learned in a SF Chapter meeting in my work"

- Essay on "What I hope to get from the STC international organization and/or local chapter"

- Essay on "Why I became a technical writer"

- Essay on "What I hope to accomplish in my career in 2013"

Submissions must be:

- No more than 15 pages. (There is no minimum word or page count.)

- Submitted in PDF format

- Previously unpublished

- Emailed to by 15 Dec 2012

When you email your submissions, please indicate if you would allow the Chapter to publish the entry in our newsletter.

Judges will be a committee of the elected officials or chapter volunteers. Elected officials or chapter volunteers are not eligible to win prizes in the tournament. Prizes will be awarded per category (poem, short story, presentation, re write, essay). If no entries of sufficient quality are submitted, no prizes will be awarded in a particular category. Prizes will be awarded as determined by the judging committee.