May 15 meeting: Connect the Docs: Managing Content Across Documents
Thursday, 02 May 2013


Traditional document management has centered on managing files: who has access, how many versions exist, and what metadata describes the documents. The actual content of the documents is not addressed directly. XML has been used as a tool to manage content, but the administrative burden and inflexibility of XML has impeded its adoption. Infinote will discuss and show our new approach that manages content across documents without administration or setup.


Yogen brings over 12 years of relevant industry depth and experience.During his 8 years at Genentech, as the Systems Architect for the Regulatory, Quality and Compliance group, Yogen led the design, development and deployment of several Document Management solutions for various business groups. Prior to that, he worked at Sapient, providing business and technology solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He led the development of a content management framework that has been used by Sapient for rapid implementation of solutions for several clients resulting in millions of dollars of revenue. He also led the design and development of the world’s first push technology based online exchange for trading refined oil products. Yogen has an MS in Computer Science from Wright State University and a BE in Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai.

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