July 17th meeting: HTML5 and Technical Communications with Jean Kaplansky
Friday, 05 July 2013

Please note that this presentation is a webinar. The speaker will present live, but will not be on site.

About the presentation:

These days it seems like the labels for every content container are in constant flux. Manual, IETM, documentation app, web help… and the list goes on. Truth is, our whole concept of what is and what isn’t a content container changes every time we encounter the latest new technology. Though, we have more choices than sink or swim! “Enter HTML5, to the rescue…” But does HTML5 have staying power? Or will it be another “Flash” in the pan? And if so, what does it mean to how you produce and distribute your content, whether it’s a manual, IETM, documentation app, web help, or maybe all of the above? Attendees Will Learn:

- What exactly HTML5 is
- Why you should care about HTML5
- What can you do with HTML5 content
- Where can you find examples of HTML5 already in use? (Hint, it’s in more places than you think)
- Whether you can you afford not to adopt HTML5

About the speaker:

Jean is an avid reader and early adopter of eBooks and eBook-related technology, going back to 1996. Her publishing production past includes work as an XML Architect for Cengage Learning, a Systems Analyst for Pfizer Global Research and Development, and an XML Consultant at Arbortext. Jeans introduction to typography and publishing production involved a calculator, some printed galleys, and a pica stick back in 1992. Follow her occasional tweets at @JeanKaplansky.

Note the new meeting location: New location: The Mechanics Institute, at 57 Post St., between Kearny and Montgomery

For more info, go to: http://www.milibrary.org/