Manager's Panel - Aug 17th Meeting
Tuesday, 26 July 2011

There's more to managing than meets the eye.

Get the insider's perspective from local communication managers, including Andrea Leszak and Sue Warnke of Salesforce. Join us and hear multiple perspectives from managers with varied experience about hiring right, training right, and helping your direct reports become successful. For independent contributors, find out what managers really love and hate about their employees, and just what they do besides attend meetings. Find out what qualities make for great managers, and what type of careers might be available if you aren't on the manager track.

Panelists will be offering their honest and entertaining take on the sometimes tricky world of management, including answering such questions as:

- What are the biggest challenges you face? 

- If you could add one skill set to your team, what would it be?

- What do you value most, from people on your team?

- What changes can team members make to help technical publications groups be successful today?

- How did you become a manager?

Guests are encouraged to come with your own set of questions!