REMINDER: Technical Editing SIG GLOBAL watercooler chat -- Working in Cross-Cultural Environments
Wednesday, 02 May 2012

Do you work in a cross-cultural environment? Are you interested in hearing how one team does this successfully across continents, timezones, and cultures? Then join us Thursday, May 3, 11 am-12 pm EST for this global watercooler chat.

Geography, timezones, cultural differences, and other challenges notwithstanding, Bob Raymond, editor at Oracle (in California, U.S.), and Manoj Bokil, Information Development manager at Oracle (in India), have been working together in a collaborative model for over 4 years—and the collaboration has been very productive, effective, and satisfying for both Bob and the India InfoDev team. This watercooler chat will talk a bit about how Bob and Manoj managed to achieve this effective and mutually rewarding collaboration.

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