Bulletins from San Francisco
Wednesday, 01 April 2015 by Leah Scampoli


The Salesforce documentation team has been writing content for end users, administrators, and developers in DITA for over ten years. We've only begun to realize what problems DITA solves best. Join Mysti for a case study of what we did right, what we think we did wrong, and how we're fixing it. If DITA is in the house or on the horizon, our lessons learned are helpful to you if your company plans to localize content, grow rapidly, have highly distributed authoring, or if you are planning to adapt existing content to new mobile form factors. We'll save plenty of time at the end to discuss solutions for the problems we've encountered with DITA.


Mysti Berry is a Principal Technical Writer with over 25 years experience in companies that build enterprise software. She has content strategy and information architecture experience, and a passion for solving hard problems. 


For more informtaion, directions to the meeting location, and to register visit www.stc-sf.org.