Summit 2011 Presentation
Discussion started by Anthony Davey , on 26 January 05:17 AM

Hi Mollye,

Firstly wow!  This really distils the talent and experience we have.  I'd like to hear from any of the Frame/DITA experts if they should be coming to the UK before May.  If not, prepare to be 'collared' at the Summit in Rosemont, for in-depth discussions.


Or do we have this level of expertise in our European membership as well?  In which case...

Before it goes out, it does need proofing.  There are, to my eyes, extraneous full points and missing words in some of the profiles.

Best regards to all,



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Gina Goodson Wadley

I need to edit the information on the PDF. Should I email my new profile to you?


Tuesday, 20 March 2012 09:59
Mollye M. Barrett

Excellent news! I'll send out the request for profile information next month and use the form I created last year. Given we now have a model, this should get easier :)

Ant, you should definitely be in the deck! In fact, ALL SIG members should be in the deck! It will help us gather information about members and I believe, individually and collectively, show an impressive set of skills and experience. I hope it will also help us know one another better and increase our ability to support members.

So, thanks for taking this on! More to come soon :)


Friday, 27 January 2012 14:31
Anthony Davey
Absolutely willing to help compile and edit the slide show. Could even include myself, to show that learners and beginners are welcome as well as experts. :)
Friday, 27 January 2012 04:37
Mollye M. Barrett
Hi Ant,

Thanks for the positive response! I put this together quickly last year and used it at the booth. As mentioned, I'd like to build on this effort for the Chicago Summit and project it at the booth during the SIG reception. We'll also post the slides to the home page of our new site. I believe our individual and collective SIG experience and talent is absolutely unique!

Would you be willing to help compile and edit the slide show? I'm going to send out a call for information next month. We can use a form so there will be some consistency. From there it will be an edit and format effort.

Thanks again,

Thursday, 26 January 2012 14:21