Do you use Flare and have issues? Or did you switch from Flare to something else?
Discussion started by Robin Davidson , on 19 March 03:56 PM

Sorry about the comment instead of brain is fried from fighting Flare all day.



I wasn't sure where to post this in MySTC, but thought this might be a good place to ask.

I'm currently using Flare 7.2 with my colleague on Flare 8. Our issues with Flare and source control (TFS) keep compounding by the day. I was wondering what products you use (Adobe TCS 3.5 or Doc To Help?) and if you do use Flare if you have issues as well. Our outputs are currently WebHelp and CHM though the CHM may go away and we are starting to create videos/tutorials as well. I'm also curious about other formats for users and those using our software on handhelds.



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Gina Goodson Wadley
I currently use Flare 7.2 and installed 8. I'm having problems with Flare 7.2 not being able to copy and paste from within a topic or copying files between folders in the Content Manager I submitted a support request yesterday. I haven't really used Flare 8 yet. Other than that, Flare's been working very well. I even imported DITA XML files from FrameMaker 10 into Flare 7 and created Webhelp and PDFs.

I also use the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3.5 -- RoboHelp 9, Acrobat X and PhotoShop. I've been using RoboHelp for 11 years and I have no problems with it. I generate WebHelp and Word/PDFs with RH.

I used to create screencasts (video tutorials) with Adobe Captivate. But I don't need the e-learning feature (with branching, quizzes, etc.), so I've been using Camtasia Studio with great results. Make sure to export to QuickTime so that people using iOS can view the videos (iPhones, iPads, etc.). I embedded .swf and .mov videos into Flare for our mobile WebHelp, and we won an award from the FTCC. It was easy to create mobile WebHelp with Flare. RoboHelp doesn't have that feature.

We are also using the Confluence wiki for user docs, which is my preferred help authoring tool because of versioning, page history, collaboration, feedback, and many more benefits.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 10:08
Julia Barsky
Hi Robin,

I just upgraded to Flare 8, but also have Flare 7 installed and use TFS. What sort of issues are you experiencing? Is your colleague using any Flare 8-specific features?
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 08:56
Kirsty Taylor
I don't use Flare, but some colleagues in the US do. I believe they have recently upgraded to Flare 8. I saw a note that said Flare 8 and Flare 7 aren't compatible or something to that effect?
I'm not sure if using different versions is in any way compounding your issues?

We use AuthorIT for the level of reuse we are able to have, and produce mainly Web Help, CHM, and Word (to PDF) output at the moment.
Monday, 19 March 2012 18:52
James Thomas

What sort of problems are you having? We're been using TCS2 for several years, and are pretty much fed up with it, and are currently contemplating migrating to Flare instead of upgrading TCS.
Monday, 19 March 2012 16:13