Rough Drafts are looking for a sponsor
Discussion started by Viqui Dill , on 20 March 08:10 AM

 Is your#TechComm business looking for a sponsorship opportunity at#STC13? #RoughDrafts are looking for a sponsor. 


We are currently playing with the idea of funding the event with a Kickstarter campaign. The rough estimate is that we need a little less than $3k. What does the group think of this idea?


If you're new to the Rough Drafts, remember that we had a musical event last year featuring some of your favorite STC people making big loud dance music on stage following the Communities reception. We had a core of musicians and welcomed folks to come up and sing or play with us. Here are a few places you can see us making a ruckus. 


So we're mulling around a kickstarter. What do you think?


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