Discussions from 60th Anniversary Celebration
I like Michael's idea for the wine tasting. Folks can download my free ebook, Mixers: Friends and Wineries and have a lot of fun! The book comes with a free tag, too! I can customize the tag for the 60th Anniversary celebration, too! Folks can wear their lanyards with a custom design for the wine tasting. Check my storefront at Lulu for an update: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/drgreece
Started by Rachel Houghton.
As chapter secretary, I'm trying to keep as much of the Kachina Chapter digital documents. Right now it's saved in three locations, password protected online, my computer, and external HDD. There is hardly much, except what exists on the website...but it is worth a start. I agree with Michael that moving over to Google Apps is the best option available, unless you consider them Skynet. I considered using Google Apps for my chapter, except I want to make a case for Chapters and Communities to use alternatives to Google (which is strange coming from someone who evangelizes Google to friends). I'm unsure if the STC Office keeps a list dating back to the start of each community and who the officers were each year. Would you know, Rachel?
Started by Rachel Houghton.
David, I'll pass that along. While it may not be an opening keynote (that's a totally different committee), it would be interesting to have a panel discussion sometime during the conference. Or even bring back the "closing keynote" and have it right before the closing luncheon.
Started by David J. Dick.