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San Francisco
Friday, 21 January 2011


The mission of the Society for Technical Communication is to advance the theory and practice of technical communication across all user abilities and media.

The mission of the San Francisco chapter is to:

- Promote the arts and sciences of technical communication in the San Francisco Bay Area

- Promote career development in the technical communication profession for our members, other colleagues, and students of technical communication

- Promote respect, increased public awareness, and appreciation of the technical communication profession


Tuesday, 02 September 2014 by Leah Scampoli


Most people think that EPUB means electronic "book," but if you look carefully at the underlying technology, you'll see that it can be much more than just a simple book! With the EPUB 3 specification, which is based on HTML 5 and CSS 3, you can (or should be able to) do most anything in an EPUB that you can do on a website.

What this means is you can essentially wrap up a website inside of a single package and make that available to your customers for use on any platform or device from desktop to mobile, on or off-line. It may not really make sense to wrap up an entire website in an EPUB, but what about your online Help system? Remember when you used to deliver Help as a single file, HTML Help (CHM files) or WinHelp (if you've been around that long)? In theory, an EPUB could provide the same functionality as those Help delivery systems. It's got a built-in TOC, Search, Bookmarks, and now (as of EPUB 3.0.1) Indexes and Dictionaries.

As with all things, there are limitations to this method, some are technical and others are just due to the lagging support for EPUB 3 in readers and publishing tools. Scott has been experimenting with different techniques in EPUBs, and can discuss the pros and cons of using an EPUB to deliver online Help. He will show the current state of prototype EPUB Help systems and how they look in different readers and devices.

If you're looking for an alternative method for delivering your online Help, or are just interested in pushing the limits with EPUB, this presentation is for you.



Scott Prentice is the founder and President of Leximation, Inc, and has worked in the techcomm field since 1991. He is most well known for FrameMaker plugin and application development, including tools such as DITA-FMx and BookVars. He has also been focused on DITA development for many years, and provides tools and training for FrameMaker to DITA conversions. Scott has considerable experience with custom online Help and web application development which has merged nicely into the EPUB world over the past few years. Recently he has been involved with the IDPF EPUB Indexes working group as an invited expert.

Note: There will NOT be a live Webinar this month.

To register, go to


Technical Editor openings at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory We are currently seeking multiple Technical Editors to provide broad-based technical services in a wide variety of scientific areas to edit, write and/or rewrite technical articles, publications, presentations, and other materials to communicate clearly and effectively research findings, technical developments, and other news and information to a wide range of internal and external audiences. Selected candidates will also be responsible for completing a variety of large and/or complex editing and writing projects, and will be expected to solve problems of varied scope and complexity associated with specific editorial projects. Will coordinate complex production jobs and develop and implement project plans and schedules for moderately complex projects. Will make decisions regarding guidelines, practices, and procedures on project parameters. The selected candidates will interact with authors, SMEs, artists, compositors, and other editors. They are looking for candidates with experience in these areas: - BA/BS in English, communications, journalism, engineering or scientific area, or equivalent experience. - Multiple technical communication areas. - Editing/writing techniques for a variety of media including comprehensive knowledge of technical language, usage, and style conventions. - Experience leading production and technical writing assignments. Candidates who have a passion for scientific writing and editing are encouraged to apply at: and search by job #12338. Kelly Crawford Recruiting & Diversity Program Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 7000 East Avenue, L-632 Livermore, CA 94551 Phone: 925-424-9777 Email:
Last replied by Leah Scampoli on Monday, 22 September 2014
That's very nice, but we have our own local competition, Touchstone, which is jointly sponsored by the 6 northern California chapters, including San Francisco. Why don't you encourage local technical communicators to enter Touchstone? The website has not yet been updated for this year, but our deadline for entries is Saturday, Oct 5th. I hope local tech communicators will send us their entries. If you want to be a judge in this year's competition, please send email to, and I'll explain the process. Touchstone accepts entries from anywhere, but we encourage potential entrants to enter their own local competition instead if they have one. We would not publicize Touchstone in the Chicago group, and I for one don't appreciate their publicizing their competition here.
Last replied by Richard Mateosian on Monday, 12 August 2013

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